Peter Wastholm

I am a system architect, computational linguist, and entrepreneur in Stockholm, Sweden. I mostly write about technology, language, and all things Japan. There's more at
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Light snack, Skansen style.

An important part of a healthy breakfast.

Lunch break. (at Kungsträdgården)

Memento mori.

Boat trip, anyone? (at Medeltidsmuseet)

Should I stay or should I go? (at Junibacken)

Cherry blossoms in Stockholm, in January. (at Kungsträdgården)


Shinjuku Gyoen national park. (at 新宿御苑 日本庭園)

I took a somewhat grainy picture of the view from our hotel room. (at 東急ステイ西新宿 (TOKYU STAY NISHI-SHINJUKU))